YouTube Promotion

Frequenty Asked Questions

Why should I buy you to promotions?
If you need success right off the bat been our promotional service can help you from the start. You’ll get initial traction and that will only help your audience grow exponentially. The alternative could lead you stuck with low viewership’s for some time.
Does the service produce organic audience growth?
We promote your videos on our social media network. We fine-tuned our social networking strategy to produce traffic results that will organically increase viewership and grow your audience with real viewers likes and subscribers.
How many times can I buy organic YouTube promotional service?
There is no limit to the number of times you can order our services for each video. Each time you tip into our reservoir of expertise can only help your audience grow faster.
How will I know when my order has started and finished?
When you follow your YouTube analytics you will notice how effective the campaign is going. We will also notify you that it is starting and when it ends. That will help you track the performance of our campaign.

YouTube Promotion

When it comes to YouTube and music promotion wow is the word. Our promotional service with YouTube is ready to leap off the launching pad, blasting you to a new world of endless possibilities. I’m talking about thousands of real views and subscribers. That adds up to larger audience, engaging with you and your music. If you’re ready for your music to go viral today join our team and let us show you how YouTube music promotion will open the door to a whole new possibility.

Other companies start the promotion with $10 and they ask for a $100 minimum deposit to keep going or $25 or more per day. How many artists can afford that? We believe in clear and transparent pricing, so you can afford your promotion every week.

Nothing can help you spread your message around the world as YouTube Video does!

Our youtube promotional packages will help you bring your message to more people faster yet for affordable rates. We bring you real video plays, video likes, and subscribers you could ever want for your channels.

  •  Promote your videos to the biggest social media groups and pages related to your niche!
  • Promote most of your videos on Google+ communities. The biggest community for youtube promotion.
  •  Pin your video on Pinterest boards that increase your video views by thousands.
  • Manually bookmark your site into highest bookmarking sites on the internet.
  • Share/embed your videos to top 10 video sharing websites.
  • Improve the authority of the videos by adding a mix of 4000+ social media signals by sharing, tweeting and pinning.

Features Of Our Campaigns

Get Recognised

How will you land that label deal if no one is listening to your music?

Quick Delivery

Your campaign will be started immediately after you subscribe to our services.

Affordable Pricing

We don’t have hidden prices, We show exactly you are going to pay and not a cent more.

Paid Services to Promote YouTube Videos

Growing a youtube channel takes a lot of effort, time, patience and often money. Your videos must be attractive and compelling to gain more views and subscribers. Sometimes if you are lucky, some of your videos may go viral and appear in related videos sections and recommendations for months. But if you are not lucky your videos will be stuck in the same place only with fewer views and without any subscribers hoping to be discovered through the sheer volume of content. With few hours of videos uploaded into youtube, you are not going to have lots of videos and subs every minute, every day.

There are two main ways that you can promote your video to other people. The first is to start a campaign. We’re talking about social media posts, a blog or facebook fan page. Here you are going out with free strategies to increase your brand identity.

The other method is to spend some money on marketing. We believe that you have to spend some money to make money, most of the time. That little money can help you to kickstart your dying youtube channel by getting authentic and real views and subscribers. You won’t get a passive return for your investment, at least you will get the necessary video views and subscribers that you need to get the ball rolling.

We at Mega Music Promotion offer you full dedicated services to promote and boost your Youtube Video channels in order to get your views and subscribers. We have helped thousands of artist all around the world and have seen they succeed step by step fighting the competition. Wanna be a youtube superstar? Why not order our services?