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Frequenty Asked Questions

Why Mega Music Promotion?

With over 8+ years of online music promotion experience and the huge community behind, we are the obvious choice when it comes to Spotify promotion. We have been working with thousands of artists all around the world and have established and strong relationship with them.

How long will it take to complete my order?

The time depends on the quantity of your order. While Spotify plays takes one day per 500 plays, if you order 5000 plays, it will take up to 10 days to complete.

Is this real?

Of course! We stand behind our services 24/7. If you have any doubt or inquiries, you can always use our chat feature or contact us via email.

Can I get Featured by Using Your Services?

Absolutely, when you order our services, there is a 75% higher chance of getting featured than your competitors. We have done it with lots of artists and why are you waiting?

Spotify Promotion

Are you are not getting the attention you deserve on Spotify? You have come to the very right spot. Mega Music Promotion’s specialize promotion team can help you right away. Our services include followers, plays and brand awareness. We have helped thousands of artists around the work to be successful on Spotify with our exceptional marketing strategies, tips, and tricks. Imagine if you found an artist who has only 5 followers and 75 plays, would you spend your valuable time listening to him or her?

Mega Music Promotion gets your music where it matters. We think out of the box and go beyond traditional marketing campaigns that most companies offer, maintaining the standards of the new industry of Music Streaming.  A ton of people discover their music on Spotify as a modern trend. Therefore, major record labels have identified Spotify as the most vital platform to determine the success of new artists, therefore we focus on Spotify as one of our main music promotional services.

Mega Music Promotion’s Spotify music promotion services ensure your music go viral on Spotify pitching to our database of thousands of suitable playlists for your music. With our strong network and community, you can secure your spot on the most viral playlist on Spotify. When you reserve a spot on one of those playlists on Spotify, your music will grow eventually as you get discovered by a wider audience. Our website is optimized to work on any device. You can order and pay using Laptops, Smartphones or Tablets.


Spotify followers are the main key to the success of an artist as it represents how many people are interested in your music. Buying our Spotify followers package will help you grow your social presence so fast.


Spotify plays are the first thing when someone visits your profile see and it also represents how quality your work is. Thankful to our services you can now buy Spotify plays from us and increase your image in a matter of seconds.

It's Easy!

Search For The Package

We promote your music directly among our community where there are millions of people are waiting to hear your song and we never ask for your password or any other sensitive information.

Choose The Package

Choose the follower count and plays count you want to buy. If you want to buy a large number of followers, plays or discuss a custom plan, don’t hesitate to contact us.


After selecting the package you want and submitting your song URL/URLs you are already done, our awesome team will take care of the rest for you.

Why Spotify Promotion ?

Almost all the famous artists, bans, brand and politicians pay for their social media marketing campaigns. Why are they doing it? Digital presence is the name of the game in most instances when it comes to new upcoming artists.

Monthly listeners, plays, and followers are the key facts that most people look at before clicking on a song to listen. If you are planning to get paid promotion for your songs, it’s because you want to make your Spotify account go viral and get the bar rolling.

There is a huge difference between paying for followers or plays and paying for promotion. If you are paying for follower and plays you receive a specific quantity of followers or plays, but when you pay for promotion, you don’t know how much followers and plays you will get since you are paying for marketing your services, not results.

Wanna Be a Spotify Star?

What are you waiting for? Start your promotion with Mega Music Promotion and give a mega boost to your Spotify account. With an experienced team on industry professionals and with over 1 000 00 orders completed since 2010, we are the best choice when it comes to Spotify promotion. Promote your music with us and let’s go viral!