iTunes promotion

iTunes Promotion

Musical artist have been using ITunes for long time to reach audiences around the globe. That hasn’t changed. ITunes is one of the best places you can turn to, to make your music go viral. Because it’s such an easy go to tool young artist have a difficult time getting a toe hold.
No matter how difficult it is this is an opportunity that can’t be passed up. That’s were expertise comes in we know exactly how to kick in the front door on iTunes. Our music promotion strategy is second to none and where uniquely positioned to provide your songs and albums to a wider worldwide audience. You’ll not only earn money for each track shared on iTunes you’ll also connect with industry insiders. When the sky is the limit Apple iTunes is the right place to go to create some serious buzz.

ITunes is also an enormous sea of music. It’s pretty easy to drown and so much music. Our promotional strategies can help keep you afloat. We have three promotional packages to get the results you want on iTunes.

Frequenty Asked Questions

How is our iTunes music promotion work?

We have a social network that is pulleys to promote your iTunes music. More than a half 1 million listeners are ready to check it out. We also are geared up with direct marketing email and social media ads to stir up serious attention. That’s not all, we also have our hands on the Paul’s and ready to introduce your tracks to bloggers and radio ads. Your music is poised to go viral.

Do you offer Apple promotions also?

We most certainly do. You’ll see results pretty fast, but they won’t peter off. You can look for a continuing stream of success over the long run.

Do I get statistics on how well I’m doing?

At the completion of the promotion we will send you analytics and final statistics on how well our promotional campaign work.

What sort of audience can this promotion build?

Depending on the genre of music you can expect different results. The narrower the scope of your genre the smaller the size of your audience. We will focus and customize a promotional plan to maximize the best of facts for the audience you want to attract.