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About Mega Music Promotion

We are 100% authentic real music promotional service. It’s time for your music to go to the top of the charts.

Will use all the social media marketing hot spots. We’re talking about YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, iTunes and radio promotions.

We have more than 150,000 registered users. We have more than 1500 campaigns running at any time with 4000 Plus products.

we provide the opportunity for nearly 4000000 engagements for customers.

Mega Music Team

Mark Seal

Mark Seal

Music Marketing Manager

Mark is our Marketing Manager and the most experienced team member. He has worked for MTV, Universal Studios and FHM1.

Francesca Ricci

Francesca Ricci

Creative Marketing Specialist

Francesca is our creative marketing specialist. She helps to make our campaigns more creative . She is from Italy and speaks 6 different languages.

Sean Stobo

Sean Stobo

Marketing Specialist

Sean is the one who deals with orders. Very helpful and friendly guy who always take care of our orders making sure they are delivered on time!

Sam Barker

Sam Barker

Marketing Agent

Sam is our Marketing Agent. He collaborates with our artists in getting deals with major music companies and he is a great asset to the team.

The Process

Select Your Packge

All you have to do is select one of our packages

Submit Your Links

Enter the link or URL of your music track

Grow Your Fan Base

You will see the results in the next one to two days

For more than a decade we’ve been working on this service, fine tuning in until it has become the best music promotion service in the world. Our expertise will help you build a new audience using strong social media and branding. This is your chance to be heard by an increasing number of listeners as well as getting noticed by industry insiders. Join the team!

Frequenty Asked Questions

What platform should I use to promote my tracks?

There are many platforms that you can use to share your music. You should be using all of them but to start make sure you’re on all the major ones like SoundCloud Spotify and YouTube.

What genres of music do you market?

Our promotional services extend to all genres of music. Many of our customers have been sound cloud rappers but we are just as capable of representing genres across the spectrum.

How many times can I promote the same track?

It’s not uncommon for many of our customers to promote the same track multiple times. This magnifies the effect of our marketing efforts.

Is your sound cloud promotional service legitimate?

We only work with real sound cloud accounts and we follow to the Tee, sound cloud’s terms of service. You can’t get any more legit than that.

What services do you provide for music promotion?

Our promotional services extend to every platform in the industry. You name it, SoundCloud, Spotify, and YouTube among others.

Are there any benefits to purchasing your premium package?

Your fan base can grow exponentially with our premium promotional package. You also increase the chances that your music will go viral.

When does my promotional campaign start?

We start things as soon as possible. Usually within a 12-hour window after your purchase.

What audience will you bring to me?

We tailor our marketing efforts and actions to reach the audience you’re looking for. The genre of your music can affect the scope of your audience.

The road map for music promotion in 2019

The way is growing more difficult with each passing day. There’s more music being produced all the time and if your promotional activities are not keeping up, your music will be drowned out. The old fashion way of relying on 1, 2 or a handful a promotional Platforms will not work. You’re going to have to have your music everywhere and on every platform.

Just having your music out there without a strategic plan also will not work. You’re going to have to have a social media strategy, aimed moving your audience and your sales figures to higher levels.

All music promotion companies are not able to help your music go viral. We’ve designed ways to create campaigns designed to organically grow your music’s appeal to a viral buzz. Yes, it is possible to design a viral campaign and we can help you do it.

This is the year with most social media platforms are cracking down on bots. That means whatever music promotion service you use will have to know how to grow your audience and promote your music organically. No fake profiles will work in today’s environment. You need an original and authentic fanbase to create the kind of buzz we’re talking about. Our experience as shown is the way forward in the future of music promotion. We invite you to join our team and let us help you succeed. Contact us today.